Do you really know Commercial Finance?

When we mention Commercial Finance to brokers, the response we receive the most often is &ldquo

When we mention Commercial Finance to brokers, the response we receive the most often is “I don’t get commercial mortgage leads”. If you have any clients that hold investment properties, then you do!

Gone are the days when the commercial lenders will only look at factories, shops and offices. Today’s commercial lenders have much more of a varied appetite for property and can work really well alongside your more traditional lenders.

For example, commercial lenders will look at properties including:

  • HMOs
  • properties let to students
  • flats above shops

Commercial lenders will also look at large or mixed investment property portfolios, professional landlords and larger loan amounts. Basically, any unusual property types, or things that may not work with your normal lenders, can all be considered by a Specialist Distributor with access to commercial lenders.

If you have a landlord looking to venture into the HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) market or an experienced investor looking to expand their property portfolio with an HMO, then Crystal Specialist Finance can help! We've compiled your essential go-to eGuide for everything you need to know about advising your clients on purchasing an HMO or converting a property into an HMO. Get your free copy by clicking here.

With the tax changes on the horizon over the next few years for buy-to-let landlords, we are seeing an increase in demand from investors utilising a Limited Company to purchase their properties. Commercial lenders are experienced at working with Limited Companies and offer some extremely competitive products – even when compared to mainstream traditional buy-to-let lenders.

As an example, we have a case completing at the moment for a £1.6m loan on a portfolio at 75% to a limited company with a rate of 4.65% on a full-term, interest-only basis.

Now that is not to say we cannot do the factories and offices too. We have lenders that will look at the full spectrum of properties, and we work with brokers with all levels of experience to ensure your clients are matched with the right commercial mortgage product for their circumstances. So if you have never come across a commercial deal before, we can work with you to give you the confidence that this is something you can place.

Remember, if a customer has a deal you cannot do, they will find someone that can – and that new broker will be asking for all of the other business you get from them!

‘Commercial’ is not a dirty word.

Think about Crystal Specialist Finance when you come across an unusual:

  • property
  • client type or structure
  • scenario

Our team of specialists are on hand to discuss any proposition with you and to work with you to find the best solution for your clients.



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