Make the most of your secret sales force

There are many ways to increase your sales and profits. And you can do this without having to spend

There are many ways to increase your sales and profits. And you can do this without having to spend a fortune.


One example is to unleash your secret sales team. In fact it is so secret, you may not know it exists. This team is your clients.

In a world of lead generation, social media and online marketing in general, it is often easy to overlook that the most effective form of promotion remains the same as it has ever been – word-of-mouth. Your clients can act as your secret sales force.

It’s an old saying that a happy client tells about three people, whilst a dissatisfied one could tell up to a dozen.  Actually, today a happy client may not tell anyone, because companies have to work much harder to get word of mouth promotion. To do this, you need to delight your clients; satisfying their needs is no longer enough. You need to exceed their expectations, meaning that you must continually find ways to add value. If you delight and exceed expectations, then you’ll have an advocate who will tell others about you. If you meet expectations, or simply satisfy, then your client may be loyal, but won’t necessarily tell others.

Warning: If a client becomes dissatisfied, they could be telling hundreds of their friends about this on online forums, blogs and the likes of Twitter. So you need to keep on top of this and quite often you can turn dissatisfaction into delight.

To delight your clients, your employees are a vital ingredient.

When thinking about client loyalty, start with your employees. It has been shown that the more motivated the employees, the more likely it is that your profits will rise. A motivated workforce means lower staff turnover, which reduces cost and ensures your service levels remain high; a new team member could take up to six months to get into the flow, understand your culture and client needs. In fact, the key rule of client loyalty is, serve your employees first so they, in turn, can serve your customer – who then can bring more customers to your door.

So to recap…

Your clients are your secret sales force. To make the most out of this, you must delight them and exceed their expectations. To do this, your employees are vital and the more engaged your workforce, the more likely it is that your clients will become advocates, a great way of generating incremental business.

Jeff Knight is Head of Marketing for Pepper Homeloans.
Pepper Homeloans prides itself on a more common-sense approach to mortgage lending. By not using Credit Scoring, they can provide a sensible solution for your tricky residential and buy-to-let cases. This includes clients with a blip on their credit rating or those that are self-employed.


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